Zarah Exhibition


Opening 开幕式 18.02.2021, 7pm

Awakening 艺术觉醒

Dani Green 丹妮·格林
Zarah Exhibition

This exhibition transcribes Dani’s journey as an Australian artist living and working in China. She has called Guangzhou home for 3 years, recently moving to Beijing in August, 2020. Dani’s abstract paintings provide an intimate window into her personal world; and reflect a changing mindset.
“Manuscript Series” mirrors the artists’ challenges, frustrations and fears whilst searching for beauty within the darkness; she references Calligraphic and Landscape traditions within her use of line and colour.
“Quarantine Series” reflects the joy and gratitude Dani felt returning to China from Australia in March of last year. Extending her colour palette to incorporate metalic paints and Chinese ink; a symbolic change to represent an important shift in her own consciousness and within her art practice.

本次展览记录了澳大利亚艺术家丹妮在中国的生活和工作历程。丹妮曾在广州待了3年,并称其外为另外一个家,而在今年八月份,她搬到了北京。 在艺术上,抽象画是丹妮进入内心世界的一个窗口,也反映了她不断变化的心态。

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