25.05 – 05.07.2017  

Opening 开幕式 25.05.2017, 5pm


// Jianmin Huang 黄健敏

Jianmin Huang (1984), also known as ‘Jimmy on the Run’, is an Amsterdam-based freelance fashion & street photographer. Born and raised in rural China, it is now the dynamic city and its eclectic mix of people that inspire him and always have him chasing after the next picture. Jimmy’s work is powerful, timeless and intimate – a versatile photographer with a genuine passion for the lens. 

It’s jimmy”s first time to do an exhibition in China, showcasing his photograph of streets of amsterdam. There will also be a screening of the documentary Jimmy on the Run at the opening. At the Shortcutz Amsterdam Annual Awards 2017, the documentary brought home 3 awards: Best Documentary, Audience Awards and Best Editing .

黃健敏(1984)藝名“Jimmy on the Run”是一位住在阿姆斯特丹的攝影藝術家。出生於中國台山鄉下農村、現在在多元文化、充满活力的阿姆斯特丹生活创作。国际都市給他帶來了無限的靈感,他總是在尋找和追逐新的靈感與面孔。Jimmy的作品充满動感而深邃。

这是他首次在中国展出自己的“阿姆斯特丹街头摄影”系列作品,在展览开幕当晚也将放映关于Jimmy的纪录片“Jimmy on the Run”,此纪录片曾在2017年的Shortcutz Amsterdam Annual Award电影节中获得了三个奖项。