20.02.2018 / 6pm until lte 直至深夜

St. Valentine Remembrance Night 圣瓦伦丁纪念之夜 


February 14th is coming whether you like it or not. It’s that time of year again when your Wechat-Moments are flooded with selfies taken at pink-coloured shopping malls, with bunches of red roses, huge teddy bears and newly bought heart-shaped jewelry.
But actually not many people know that Valentine’s Day is more than a couples parade exchanging mass-produced feelings and representing fairytale romance.
According to legends Valentine’s Day – traces its origin to Saint Valentine who was a priest during Roman Empire secretly performing weddings for soldiers and for Christians who were both forbidden to marry under Roman Empire. Upon being caught, he was imprisoned, tortured, and martyred in Rome on February 14, 269.

Therefore, instead of a mushy-gushy Valentine’s Dinner, we have decided to throw a “Saint Valentine Remembrance Party” at Zarah in order to cheers to the martyr of the 3rd century. Thus, take the pressure off of Valentine’s Day and swing by Zarah on February 14th. In honor of Saint Valentine we will put on a whole night Happy Hour offering all of our open wines and prosecco at RMB 30 per glass. If you don’t want to listen to seemingly endless playlists of love ballads, then join us and dance your cares away at Zarah with live DJs until late hours.

Moreover, from 6pm – 10pm we will have the following delicious 3-Course-Set Dinner menu at RMB 178 net for singles and RMB 358 net for couples on offer including a glass of sparkling wine per person.

据传说,情人节起源于罗马帝国时期的牧师圣瓦伦丁Saint Valentine,他秘密为在罗马帝国时期被禁止结婚的士兵和基督教徒举行婚礼。在269年2月14日的罗马,他被捕、被监禁,在经历了痛苦折磨后,最后被杀害了。

为了纪念这位三世纪的烈士,我们决定在Zarah来一场“圣瓦伦丁纪念之夜”来替代煽情的情人节晚餐之夜。所以2月14日,甩掉情人节的压力,来Zarah舞动起来吧!为了纪念圣瓦伦丁,整晚我们都会有Happy Hour,也就是所有单杯卖的葡萄酒和起泡酒都是30块/杯。如果你不想听无尽播放的情歌,那就来Zarah,加入我们,和现场DJ们一起舞动直至深吧!


Saint Valentine Remembrance Menu 圣瓦伦丁纪念之夜菜单:



Creamy pumpkin coconut ginger soup with roasted almonds flakes 奶油椰姜南瓜汤配烤杏仁片


Italian Balsamic Filet Mignon with fresh Arugula & Parmesan 意大利黑醋扒牛柳配以新鲜芦笋帕玛森


Creamy Shiitaki Mushroom Cherry Tomato Pasta topped with Gruyere Cheese 奶油蘑菇圣女果面搭配古老耶奶酪

Dessert 甜点

Chocolate Lava Cake with Vanilla ice cream & homemade berry sauce 巧克力拉瓦蛋糕搭配香草冰激淋&自制果酱


So no matter you are single, couple or a “Love-Stinks-Let’s-Drink”-person, let’s get all together on February 14th at Zarah to raise our glasses in a toast to the martyr Saint Valentine. 所以,不管你是单身,情侣还是“Love-Stinks-Let’s-Drink”,让我们2月14日一起相聚Zarah,为烈士Saint Valentine干杯!


Three-Course Saint Valentine Remembrance Set Dinner 3道菜情人节晚餐套餐 (6pm – 10pm)

Single 单身: RMB 178 incl. one glass sparkling 包含一杯起泡酒

Couple情侣: RMB 358 incl. two glasses sparkling 包含两杯起泡酒


Reservation needed!需提前预定

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