Every Wednesday 8pm–late 每周三下午8点直至深夜




Jazz Funk Soul

Listen to records we chose for you & purchase them at Zarah 喜欢当晚播放的黑胶唱片可以直接购买! 


All Whiskeys RMB 50 所有的威士忌50元


Great news for the nostalgic among us: “Wednesday Record Night” is kicking off on 22nd November and will be on at Zarah every Wednesday night from 8pm onwards!

During “Wednesday Record Night” we are teaming up with the record store “Fruityshop” based in Dongsi that is specialised in secondhand vinyl. Every week we will go to “Fruityshop” and choose interesting Jazz, Funk and Soul records for you which our DJs will play the whole night. If you like any of our weekly chosen records, you will have the chance to listen to your favourites anytime during the night again with a record player and ear phones we will provide for you. Then, if it should happen that you fell in love with one of our weekly Jazz, Funk or Soul records, you will have the possibility to immediately purchase your new discovery at Zarah without having to go to Dongsi.

However, we haven’t finished yet. During “Wednesday Record Night” all of our whiskeys will be on a special offer at RMB 50 per glass to make you absorb the whole Jazz & Funk-SOUL and make you feel the spirit of “Wednesday Record Night”.

Join us from now on every Wednesday for a night full of Jazz, Funk & Soul at Zarah!